selection of 1940's poster work by Lewitt-Him

produced in Britain

"Many of the most familiar posters of the war were the

work of artists like Lewitt-Him, the famous Polish pair

whose books are equally well known."

Noel Carrington in Graphis 1947

Shanks' Pony 1942

for Ministry of War transport

the first version of this famous poster on the left (the artist's favourite)

and now kept safely at the Imperial War Museum.

On the right is the final version that was used

Grow Fingers Grow Careful 1943


from the famous 'Careless Talks' campaign


cover illustration for underground Polish journal 1941

George Him was actively involved in the Polish cause.

Dutch reconstruction poster 1944

two posters by Lewitt - Him for AOA c. 1946 -1948

1949 poster for AOA by Lewitt - Him

photo courtesy of Swann Galleries

GPO poster by Lewitt - Him 1944

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© estate of George Him and Jan Lewitt