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2nd part...

'the turnip'

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'the birds broadcast'

Here is the Polish edition of Locomotive:

Here is the Polish edition of The Turnip:



Here is the Polish edition of Bird's Broadcast:


December 1938 Warsaw review of Lokomotywa...


"Tuwim's books for children"

This Christmas, an amazing present will be available for children.
Julian Tuwim has written a trilogy for children in verse. It is written as one book, but divided into three titles:
"The engine", The turnip", "The bird's radio".

The engine tells the story of the journey at the front of a long train......on the track, through the tunnel,
through the mountains, the forest and the fields......

The turnip is a story about a grandfather who sets out to uproot a huge turnip.
As he is not strong enough, he has to ask for help from all those around him including the animals.

The third and final book is about a group of birds who have organised a radio show, with comical results.

It is no secret that these poems written by Tuwim contain colourful language.
He uses his creativity to produce poems of many different moods.
For the sounds of the engines, birds, steam and microphones, etc.
alliteration and onomatopoeia are used to great advantage.

Illustrated by Levitt and Him, each page contains vivid and descriptive images.
We follow the steam of the train across the pages until it disappears into a tunnel.
Each picture captures the child's imagination.
The front cover too, has been created to an exceptionally high standard
with regard to both graphics and the final finish.

Overall, this book published by J. Przeworski is not only a delight to children, but also a pleasant surprise for adults.

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